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AvenOgre’s Assemble!!! Match Report

The training was done, the scene was set and the call had gone out… AvenOgre’s Assemble!!! The Ogre’s entered the field for their game in the league proper against the rogues of the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (Chaos Pact). The DRS won the toss and elected to receive, recovering the ball and then starting to maraud (see what I did there!) up the field but unable to make much progress due to the screen of Agents – who made up for ThOgre’s lack luster performance in the first half. The key moment came when Rukshash Pusulent (Chaos Ogre) fluffed his lines in trying to blitz ThOgre out of the way allowing WidOgre to take down Sylik Pham (Dark Elf) and Iron Ogre saw his chance for personal glory and scooped the ball up to run in the defensive TD

As the AvenOgre’s set up for the 2nd half – the DRS saw an opportunity and called Blitz, coupled with a near perfect kick that landed on the LoS. This put real pressure on the Ogre’s but fortunately Cap was able to blitz the marker off the ball and Agent 13 grabbed it and scurried off to the safe shadows of Iron Ogre and ThOgre. That would be Cap’s last real offensive move as his role had now become keeping Huryl Greyhorn (Mino) company and tying the big Mino up where he could do no damage. The Ogre cage rumbled down the field and in desperation Rukshash grabbed Rik Rastardly (much to the Goblin’s shock) and launched him at the cage! Sadly he missed his mark and landed at the feet of ThOgre (and sensibly curled up into a ball) This action would have serious repercussions however as the Pustulent one was on the sidelines and Iron Ogre saw the opportunity to take him off the field. The crowd were still angered by his failure in the first half and brutally murdered the Chaos Ogre. The next turn WidOgre badly hurt Gunt Makless (Marauder) and the Ogre’s stalled out the half before Agent 13 ran in the TD.

2-0 to The AvenOgre’s and a great start to what should be a challenging season :)
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Coach James Luft
The "Coach" of is yours truly, James Luft ... formerly of EndZone Magazine (a Blood Bowl publication) and Legions Realm Monthly. I am a Long time gamer who started with D&D back in the mid 80's, loves Blood Bowl, painting miniatures and throwing down on the pitch.