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Dueling Podcasts – How Communities Can Differ So Much?!?

Yesterday, I was catching up on some Blood Bowl podcasts and came across something I found quite strange. Back to back, I listened to Anything but a One, and then BOTH DOWN. In both episodes they were discussing the release of Death Zone Season 2. They both seemed to have mixed review
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REVIEW: Double Skulls Podcast Ep. #1REALLY STUPID

When I saw that there was another Blood Bowl podcast I was very excited. I love Blood Bowl and the more days I can fill with either playing, watching, reading or listening to it the better. The Double Skulls Podcast is hosted by two individuals from the U.K.; Johnny “AKA J-Bone&
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Lord Borak + Valentine’s = Broken Ribs for You (from laughing )

Time is running out to submit your questions, comments, criticisms for Lord Borak on his Valentine’s Evening Special, BLOOD-SPORT: A Valentine’s Evening with Lord Borak.. FEBRUARY 1st is the deadline. Email your audio recordings or email your letters (we will be opening an
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