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Dueling Podcasts – How Communities Can Differ So Much?!?

Yesterday, I was catching up on some Blood Bowl podcasts and came across something I found quite strange. Back to back, I listened to Anything but a One, and then BOTH DOWN. In both episodes they were discussing the release of Death Zone Season 2. They both seemed to have mixed reviews about the subject too, liking some bits, and hating other bits. The part that struck me was which parts they seemed to like, and which they seemed to hate, because almost item for item, they were the exact opposite. Both seemed extremely adamant that certain new rules were completely fair and certain rules were going to be the most unbalanced part of the game ever.

Horatio X. Schottenheim was a good example, BOTH DOWN thought he was fair, the risk of the scatter and hitting your own players was fair for the cost, seems like a good bet. The fact that you can screw yourself over, makes the 2nd shot all but moot. On Anything But A One, this was the most game breaking piece ever created by GW and proves they are out of touch with the Blood Bowl community. The fact that he gets two fireballs for half the cost, means he is an automatic take, just to prevent your opponent from taking him. You would just throw the Fireball on Turn 8 purely for the injury.

Kari Coldsteel seems to be another point of contention. This time, Anything But A One thinking the piece was reasonable for the price and GW did a decent job making this character. She adds some flair to the Blood Bowl world, and has some nice game effects that add to the overall game. Over in America though, she will be game breaking, especially on the Dwarf team. If you manage to put teams to below 11 on the pitch, it needs to stay that way and she is way to broken to be used. You are basically getting so many benefits (extra cheerleaders, extra player,etc) for the cost.

Galandril Silverwater was considered an automatic take by BOTH DOWN, because of the potential to get some many rerolls. Why wouldn’t you take her, she can easily pay for herself, if not more so? She gives you the benefit of more cheerleaders, but also has the added benefit of possible rerolls, based on actions that Elf team excel at accomplishing. Whereas on Anything but a One, they went so far as to laugh at the one member of the cast that said he would take her to the next tournament, “Tell how that works out for you!” Openly mocking how useless this inducement was, claiming you MIGHT get one reroll a game statistically.

I want to make it clear that I enjoy and respect both of these podcasts and their dedication to Blood Bowl, but how can people so engrossed in the game see these new rules so differently? These are also just a few examples, they continued to disagree almost item for item on whether it was broken or a boon for the game, almost always coming down on opposite sides of the coin. Both seem to think that Games Workshop does not have a grip on what is good and bad for Blood Bowl, but apparently for completely opposite reasons. This then leads to the natural question, how can Games Workshop win?

What seems to please one set of players, is considered the most broken piece ever created by another. I don’t know if the reactions to these new rules has a bit of hyperbolic rhetoric attached due to Blood Bowl being out of GW’s hands for so long. I don’t love everything that GW has created lately, (looking at you Grak, not so much Crumbleberry, you’re adorable), but I do like the fact that new people are being introduced to the game and new people are showing up on the group pages. Heck, it brought me back out of a long Blood Bowl torpor. I do know that people will not hang around long if people are constantly talking about how Games Workshop is ruining the game. Try and put on a positive face, more Blood Bowl is a good thing, no matter what is released.

– DoctorDuckButter