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Empire Cup Blood Bowl Tournament Announcement

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Welcome Blood Bowlers! The Long Island Blood Bowl League brings to you the Empire Cup! A one-day, four-round swiss-pairings resurrection tournament that will be held at Game Master Games in Hicksville, NY (Long Island).

How close are you to the tournament???

  • Within a 4 hour drive: NYC, Harrisburg, Pittston/Wilkes Barre, Binghamton, Albany
  • Within a 6 hour drive: Northern VA
  • Within a 10 hour drive/3 hour flight: Richmond, VA Beach, Hamilton, Toronto, Columbus OH, Ottawa

And it will be part of the soon-to-be-released East Coast Tournament Series!

Rule Set:

– Roster: 1.1 million gold crowns + 100K skills
– Teams: LRB6 + Experimental + Warpstone Goblins + Skinks
– Raffles for various Impact Miniatures products including one full team
– Awards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, wooden spoon, stunty, TD, defense, casualties, sportsmanship/theme, best painted
– Cost: $21 for NAF members (including PayPal fees), $31 for non-NAF (including PayPal fees) – come on, join the NAF!
– Small reward for those that register and pay at least 10 days ahead of time.

Prize support and trophies have been ordered for the tournament! It’s time to start getting an official count so anyone who is officially registering, please use PayPal and send to empirecupbb *at* gmail *dot* com.

Be sure to listen to these great EMPIRE CUP 2015 Commercial Spots

30-second spot:

2:35 spot:

Coach James Luft
The "Coach" of is yours truly, James Luft ... formerly of EndZone Magazine (a Blood Bowl publication) and Legions Realm Monthly. I am a Long time gamer who started with D&D back in the mid 80's, loves Blood Bowl, painting miniatures and throwing down on the pitch.
  1. zuk

    Hey there coaches, only one month until the Empire Cup! Gofiz is revving up the chainsaw in anticipation! Trophies and prize support have been ordered, registrations are starting to come in and the excitement is building! Coaches are coming in from New York City, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and even Virginia to take a shot at the Cup! And don’t forget, the Empire Cup is part of the East Coast Tournament Series (more info here: – requires NAF login).

    So far we have 11 “hell yeah” and many “I want to” answers. It’s time to turn some of those I want to’s into hell yeahs and hell yeahs into paid entries! If you are paid ($21 for NAF members, $31 for non-NAF members) by April 15th, you will receive an extra prize! That’s on top of the raffles for minis and stuff that we’re going to have for all attendees! Please send all payments via PayPal to Any questions, feel free to email

    The ruleset is here: You can also start putting together your roster by getting the custom Empire Cup roster sheet here:

    Keep checking for more info and get those teams ready!

    One month to go!

  2. zuk

    Hi Blood Bowlers! 2 week update here from your friendly neighborhood tournament organizer (TO). With just two weeks to go, we have 16 commitments and a bunch of others that are still looking to see if they can come. We also have 8 of the 15 early birds claimed. Remember, for all those that pay their entry fee before the 15th (which is this coming Wednesday), you get a special giveaway! Send your $21 or $31 entry (NAF member / non-NAF member) to empirecupbb at gmail dot com to claim your early bird prize!

    So where is everyone coming from for this tournament? We have a really good mix of commitments so far! Virginia (2), Connecticut (2), Pennsylvania (3), NYC (3), New Jersey (1) and Long Island (4). A lot of the people on the fence are locals, so hopefully we’ll get a few more in.

    The prize support has been shipped! As soon as it arrives, I’ll start telling everyone what we have.

    Mrs. TO is looking into our bagel spread for the tournament. We’re going to maximize every dollar we have to make sure that everyone gets a great sample of what Long Island has to offer.

    So what is the schedule? Game Master Dave is opening the store at 10am for us (2 hours early!) so we can be ready to rock and roll by 10:30. That first 30 minutes will be everyone getting their final money in (if they haven’t paid yet) and a final check of rosters. If you want to help things run a little more smoothly, send your roster in beforehand. You can get the official Empire Cup automated roster sheet here: So far one brave soul has sent his roster in.

    At about 10:30, the first game we’ll begin. The plan is to get each game (2 hours) in with a 30 minute break between each game, but with an extended break between games 2 and 3. We’ll have the tournament standings displayed on the wall through the first 3 rounds so everyone knows where they stand. In the last round we’ll keep things a little secret so there’s some anticipation going into the awards ceremony. We anticipate the day being complete around 9:30pm.

    For those who have not played in resurrection-style tournaments, you have the same roster every round. All of your injuries and deaths are healed by my own clerics from the Church of the Wayward Athlete so you do not need to be worried about that Wardancer who was killed by a Black Orc miscreant in the previous round. In addition, you do not collect star player points for your players as there is no leveling up. Matchups will be random the first round, although we will do our best not to have folks from the same region play each other in that first round. After that, we will be doing “swiss style” which means that you will be playing whomever is closest to you in the standings (assuming you haven’t played them before). Check out the rule set ( for how scoring will be done.

    The most points at the end of the tournament will win. Ties will be broken by strength of schedule. The two players who are at the final table in the last round will finish 1-2, so the loser at the final table will be the second place finisher even if they finish behind one of the other players after losing in the finals. The one exception to this rule will be if the players behind them are tied with them (but lose in tiebreakers) going into the final round – in that case all teams that are tied will be eligible to win the championship.

    This tournament will also feature a stunty championship. The top two stunty teams (and I know there will be at least two, so we should be good there) will face off in the stunty finals and the winner will go home with the Snob Costas Award. Should they tie, points will win out. Note that even if these two teams have already faced each other previously in the tournament (which is possible), they will still face off in the finals. This is the one exception to the rule where you will not play a team twice in the tournament.

    We’re looking forward to seeing everyone on the 25th!

    -Zuk (TO)

  3. zuk

    We have one week to go for the Empire Cup! The order from Impact Miniatures came in today, so get excited! We’ve got: Halfling Thom A Sanders & Cauldron, Hired Gun Wizard, Potion Peddler, Bomb Sprue, Imp Crusher, Hacker Slasher, Weather token/dice set and two teams – Women of Impact and Timberline Elf Team. We’ll be raffling these off at the tournament.

    Plus everyone who paid by April 15th will receive a set of Rubber Skill Rings. That’s: Larry Cutlip Mason, Matt Kelly, Lawrence LaSpada, Anthony LaSpada, Jack Warecki, Jim Luft, Zafar Tejani, Robert Kopp, Mathew Thomas, Andrew Weakland and James Guastavino. Thanks to all those who paid early, it’s helped in the layout for the trophies and the prize support. The rest of the players, don’t worry, you can pay at the door.

    Those of you who are coming to town the night before, let me know. We have a board game night in Rockville Centre if you are interested.

    Please get your team sheets in. You can find them at

    Just one week to go!

    – Zuk (TO)

  4. zuk

    Who’s excited?!?! We’ve got just 4 more days until the Empire Cup! Finish up those paint jobs, get those rosters in ( to empirecupbb at gmail dot com and make sure you’ve got some Long Island flavor to get 10 bonus points! We’ve got a great distribution of teams coming in.

    What’s new? All of the table cards are printed, raffle tickets are bought, the prize support has been sorted, the food has been budgeted (still need to place that order), the Score app has been configured and I’m coordinating with the +1 player if we have an odd number of teams.

    Try to arrive at or before 10am if possible on Saturday so we can get started right at 10:30 with the first set of games. I’ll even set up in the parking lot of the store a little early for those of you who haven’t gotten in your rosters or have some last minute tweaks.

    I’m stoked! Are you?!?