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HOOKY-BOWL 2015 Recap

Friday, the 17th of April 2015 will forever be infamous as the first ever HOOKY BOWL Tournament (a.k.a. Borak Bueller’s Day Off) which was based off of the classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Held at Emerald Vale Games in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, HOOKY BOWL was a Three Round Swiss Style NAF Approved tournament that saw coaches come from Virginia, Southern PA and our own TripleB Blood Bowl League come together to wage war on the pitch. The idea came out of listening to an episode of the Bacon Wrapped Skulls and Ones podcast where Nate Ball and Mike Vag were talking about tournaments and how there are never any tournaments during the week. Instantly I knew that there needed to be one and SOON! Originally I thought about doing the tournament on a Wednesday but it made much more sense to do it on a Friday so people can kick off a long weekend with some excellent Blood Bowl matches. The only catch to the tournament was the fact that people had to take a vacation day, a comp day, a sick day, a personal day or plain ol called off work to attend (unless you are rich, unemployed or a student). Thankfully … 16 coaches were all able to pull it off resulting in one epic day of Blood Bowl fun!

Before we get into the action and the highlights of the day, here is a complete list of the coaches and their teams that participated in HOOKY BOWL!

Anthony Lamar coaching the Romero City Thrillers (Necromantic)
Bob Hamlin coaching the Reikland Raiders (Human)
Bruce Becker coaching Blood Bath and Beyond (Chaos Dwarf)
Chris Steinbacher coaching Nuffle’s Night Terrors (Dwarf)
Dan Summer Sr. coaching the Brimstone Breakers (Chaos Dwarf)
Evan Doyle coaching Fundead (Undead)’
James Birnbaum coaching the Red Wolfs of Galadathron (Humans)
Jamie Fischer coaching the Knee High Cock Nockers (Goblin)
Kiersten Poplawski coaching the Durtle Turtles (Human)
Marty Hozlock coaching the Goonies (Nurgle)
Matt Carey coaching the S.H.I.T.S. (Skaven)
Nate Ball coaching the Little Vikings (Goblin)
Nate Beem coaching the Nevermore Rooks (Chaos Pact)
Rory Deibler coaching Son of Fundead (Undead)
Roy D. Moyer Jr. coaching Tzeentch N Chongs’ Blue Dream Team (Chaos Pact)
Will Rogers III coaching Naga Please (Lizardman)

In a lot of ways, I was very fortunate in the way everything came together for the tournament. One of the many perks was the fact that I had Nate Beem, NAF Tournament Directory, on hand to help me with setting up the SCORE program which manages the results for the event. Nate had me arrange the coaches into groups (VA, Harrisburg and Local) so the first round matches had coaches playing other coaches outside their group. This was a great idea and worked out extremely well. The first round was a mixed bag of surprise match ups and new rivalries. The second round saw some classic match ups that must have happened before in another city in another league because there definitely some hoots and hollering. The last round saw the CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH take place at the first table and best board featuring Bruce Beckers’ Blood Bath and Beyond (Chaos Dwarf) vs. Chris Steinbachers’ Nuffle’s Night Terrors (Dwarf) while the others coaches fought tooth and nail (literally) for the remaining glory.

Before you start reading below to see how the day played out, I also want to make sure everyone knows how great and how important our host and sponsors were for this event. Let me be the first to thank Brad Post and Joe Poplawski of Emerald Vale Games for allowing us to have the tournament. We are very fortunate that Emerald Vale Games opened and continue to support the local gaming community primarily for the love of the game. Let’s be honest, no one ever got rich running a game store and both Brad and Joe put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into keeping the store going for people like us. I sincerely thank them both for doing what they do and being the foundation for our first tournament.

Being our first Blood Bowl tournament, I was determined to make this something to remember and something big, so I reached out to a lot of companies looking for sponsorship and the majority of them responded with a great deal of support. THANK YOU to each of the companies that was a sponsor for HOOKY-BOWL 2015 and for supporting us in our first tournament. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten. Here is a list of the HOOKY-BOWL Sponsors for 2015:

  • Emerald Vale Games
  • KR Multicase
  • RollJordan Miniatures
  • Neomics Miniatures
  • FF-Fields
  • Michel Delving Painters


The Goonies vs. Blood Bath and Beyond
Nevermore Rooks vs. Tzeentch n Chong’s Blue Dream Team
S.H.I.T.S. vs. Son of Fundead
Fundead vs. Romero City Thrillers
Reikland Raiders vs. Little Vikings
Durtle Turtles vs. Knee High Cock Knockers
Brimstone Breakers vs. Naga Please
Nuffle’s Night Terrors vs. Red Wolfs of Galadathron


Knee High Cock Nockers vs. Blood Bath and Beyond
Naga Please vs. Son of Fundead
Fundead vs. Little Vikings
Red Wolfs of Galadathron vs. Tzeentch n Chong’s Blue Dream Team
Reikland Raiders vs. Nevermore Rooks
Nuffle’s Night Terrors vs. S.H.I.T.S.
Brimstone Breakers vs. Goonies
Romero City Thrillers vs. Durtle Turtles


CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Blood Bath and Beyond vs. Nuffle’s Night Terrors
Fundead vs. Son of Fundead
Knee High Cock Nockers vs. Nevermore Rooks
Tzeentch n Chong’s Blue Dream Team vs. Romery City Thrillers
Brimstone Breakers vs. Little Vikings
Naga Please vs. Red Wolf’s of Galadathron
Reikland Raiders vs. S.H.I.T.S.
Goonies vs. Durtle Turtles

Hooky-Bowl 2015 Gallery

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1st Place – Chris Steinbacher – Nuffle’s Night Terrors (Dwarfs)
2nd Place – Bruce Becker – Blood Bath and Beyond (Chaos Dwarfs)
Most Brutal – Roy Moyer Jr. – Tzeentch n Chong’s Blue Dream Team (Chaos Pact)
Most TDs (Best Offense) – Rory Deibler – Son of Fundead (Undead)
Best Defense – Nate Beem – Nevermore Rooks (Chaos Pact)
Best Sportsman – Nate Ball – Little Vikings (Goblins)
Stunty Cup Champion – Jamie Fischer – Knee High Cock Nockers (Goblins)
Warm Gummy Bear Award (Traveled the Farthest to Play) – Will Rogers – Naga Please (Lizardman)
Poopy Diaper Ed Rooney Award – Marty Hozlock – GOONIES (Nurgle)

And … in case you missed the OPENING and CLOSING ceremonies that were specially recorded by the cast of the Lord Borak Show (coming to a computer near you) … you can find them both here for your listening pleasure. (next time we will have a loud speaker).

Before you listen, please digest these words from our Sponsor!!!

Opening Ceremonies Courtesy of Lord Borak the Despoiler
Closing Ceremonies Courtesy of Goblin Superstar Snivel Pottymouth



Coach James Luft
The "Coach" of is yours truly, James Luft ... formerly of EndZone Magazine (a Blood Bowl publication) and Legions Realm Monthly. I am a Long time gamer who started with D&D back in the mid 80's, loves Blood Bowl, painting miniatures and throwing down on the pitch.