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Client:FF Minis
Date:July 05, 2017

FFMinis is a NEW Online Store for Fantasy Football

Two fans of Fantasy Football from Québec City who want to allow players to buy stock in america at a fair price!

About this project

We are two enthusiasts players of fantasy football games in Canada and for several years, we have collected many figurines and teams of these games. However, since the vast majority of companies are all in Europe, the high shipping cost and currency conversion make it a very expensive passion. Finding businesses in Canada or America that distribute these types of products is very difficult.

Therefore, we decided to partner with these companies to distribute their products faster and at a lower cost. we had the idea of ​​this kickstarter to finance the launch of the company. All funds will go towards the design and purchase of your orders.

We plan on operating an online store to facilitate and secure transactions. Our shop will offer used and new items. We will also give the possibility of placing special orders. Moreover, we will significantly use our FB page to disseminate information and keep in touch with our customers.

We plan to start the kickstarter on June 12 for a period of 1 month. During the kickstarter we will ask the backers to tell us what they want to place the order. We expect orders will be received within 1 month. This is why we will open the during the month of July.

Customers will have the opportunity to buy a lifemembership card for 25$CAD on the online store.   It will offer to our customers a 10% discount on all purchases anytime and surely a few one-time specials.

As far as our backers, you will obtain a lifemembership card through the kickstarter.  It will offer to our customers a 10% discount on all purchases anytime and surely a few one-time specials.   But, backers get more…

If the project reach 3000$CAD the discount will be 15% only for backers who have access to stretch goal (50$CAD and more) !!

We want to do 2 tournaments per year in Quebec City. These tournaments will have a cost for the day, but people with the membership card will have a discount on their registration. Some backers will even obtain a free tournament for the year 2017-2018.

Our company wants to offer special and unique figurines over the years which members will be able to buy. We will also offer a discount for some backers of this kickstarter. Now we have a great creation from Ezipion, a wonderful werewolf Lord Rascal!

In the futur, we plan to do more fig, dice, pitch, etc.