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Client:Impact! Miniatures
Date:July 05, 2017

Resin 32mm MK1881 Elf Teams (Pro/Dark/Wood)

Bringing 3 of the MK1881 line of 32mm scale Elf Fantasy Football full 16 figure teams to affordable resin.

About this project

WHAT IS THIS KICKSTARTER ABOUT?This KickStarter is a joint venture between MK1881 and Impact! Miniatures to bring three incredible looking metal Fantasy Football teams from MK1881 into affordable resin for half the price of the metal teams to give more gamers the opportunity to own these great models. The resin versions of these models will be molded from original masters that MK1881 produced to create the new resin molds.   Stretch goals reached will add free star players or sideline staff to the teams.

The KickStarter is bringing the Tanatos Dark Elf, Honos Pro Elf and Cabiri Wood Elf teams into resin.   The miniatures are 32mm scale and fit in great with the current scale of fantasy football miniatures.