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Client:RN Estudio
Date:July 19, 2017

RN estudio Reapers Fantasy Football Team

Help us to bring you the most amazing Chaos miniatures for Fantasy Football…

  • RN estudio offer services like 3D sculpt, the best 3D printings , Resin cast and Miniature Painting.
  • We helped other companies to have success in their crowdfunding projects, we have worked in more than 20 successfully completed projects.
  • We have enough experience to bring you the best quality resin cast miniatures, for your Fantasy Football match, or simple for collect and paint !

Why Crowdfunding?

  • Our previous campaigns, for expand our miniature range, Chaos Pact team , Humans VS Orcs , 4 New FF Teams and Revenants vs Ancestrals were very successful, and we are very happy with the experience.
  • We plan produce all the miniatures and do all the shippings in 6 month !
  • All our funders are very satisfied with the finall product, also you can buy in our web store !
  • We have finished awesome models for Reapers, that we want you enjoy fast !, because of this, we need your help to make these team reality.
  • If you help in this proyect, you will get the best price you can dream, FREE miniatures in stretch goals and FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.